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This website won’t be updated any longer from 2019. Please visit www.lenguaventura.com for always having the latest information about our summer camps in Tarifa

Bilingual Summer camps in Tarifa, Spain
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14-17 years old
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School Residence in the Nature Park for teens between 13 and 17 years

camp in the nature park

Welcome to Lenguaventura, a world full of diversion

The Summer Camp in Spain in Tarifa, Andalusia opens a new horizon in Spanish learning thanks to the teamwork with an experienced outdoor adventure company.

Besides the Spanish lessons in the classroom in the mornings, the teachers organize outings in Tarifa which reflect the cultural and traditional habits of Tarifa and give the students the chance to learn more about their summer destination. In the afternoons the teens can fully profit from what Tarifa stands for: Activities and Fun. None of the activities chosen in our Multiactivity Programme are dangerous and all are handled by local experts. The cultural outings on Wednesdays and the weekends deliver an insight in the culture heritage of Andalusia. The Lenguaventura team is proud of all the highlights Tarifa and surrounding offer and emphasize multicultures with the visits to Morocco and Gibraltar.

Active and sporty teens with a lot of energy will be pleased about the possibilities which offers the summer camp accommodation in the Nature Park. The swimming pool and the multifunctional sport fields will certainly be the focus of many sporty challenges during the Summer School.

For a chat with new friends, for reading a book or doing homework for the Spanish class, teens from the summer campus in the Nature Park will always find a quiet corner outside to sit down and enjoy some privacy.

In the youth hostel teens are accommodated either in double rooms or 4-person units.

The Spanish Camp in the Nature Park functions until the 10th August.

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