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Tuesday, 29th June, 2010

Yesterday at our spanish language camp the teens learned more about each other and today they will learn more about Tarifa. After the sightseeing tour which brought us amongst other highlights to the point where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet, we went to the Castle Guzm�n el Bueno which was closed the last few years due to refurbishment. This castle was constructed in 960 by Abderram�n III, calif of C�rdoba, to control the Straight of Gibraltar. From the tower you have the most beautiful views to the African coastline. In the XX century the Castle of Guzm�n turned into a military base and later it was opened for the public and got one of the most visited historical monuments in the province of C�diz.

Yesterday evening football was in the center of attention and happily Spain won. During the game Tarifa seemed to be a ghost town, no people, no noise, very strange feeling as in the Southern part of Spain life takes place outside but as you can imagine afterwards they catched up.