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Bilingual Summer camps in Tarifa, Spain
Colonia di vacanza
Campus Avventura
14 - 17 anni
Campus Kitesurf
14 - 17 anni
Colonia personalizzata

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Av. Fuerzas Armadas, 1
E-11380 Tarifa
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Hola a todos

On the 1st July we opened the doors from the Residence again for a new edition of Lenguaventura with 45 teens from all over the world and 6 counselors. This year we would like to show you a more advanced diary in our private Lenguaventura blog.

We need some time to get installed and start as we will form groups so that everyone participates actively in this experience. In this blog we will show you short videos about the daily routine in the teen summer camp and let you participate directly in our activities.

Now we have started with the blog. The first photos are set and more will follow. Next week we can hopefully start with the videos. Feel free to get in touch with your son/daughter or friends who are actually participating in our Lenguaventura summer camps in Tarifa. To enter into the right page please click here.

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